Backup of your workloads using Azure Recovery vault through Private Link Endpoint

  1. Privately access the PAAS services on the Azure platform
  2. Access azure PAAS service from On-Prem through Express, VPN

Validate virtual network links in private DNS zones

For each private DNS zone listed above (for Backup, Blobs, and Queues), do the following:

Manage DNS record

If you’re using your custom DNS servers, you’ll need to create the required DNS zones and add the DNS records needed by the private endpoints to your DNS servers. For blobs and queues, you can also use conditional forwarders.

For the Backup Service

  1. Create a DNS Zone on your DNS server to the following DNS Zone and point out necessary “Host (A)” record and point to PTR record

For Blob and Queue services

For blobs and queues, you can either use conditional forwarders or create DNS zones in your DNS server.

Enable the VM Backup

Test the DNS connectivity

Execute nslookup on the backup URL (xxxxxxxx.privatelink.<geo>.backup. from your VM, to ensure connectivity. This should return the private IP assigned to your virtual network.



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